Monday, May 23, 2011

warm wintery things

pics too follow (its late and dark and I'm tired!!)

Ive been busy, yesterday I spent a few hours in the garden planting violas and bulbs with the girls, it was so nice. Sos and Ben had a "6 year old bat party" to go to after church, so we came home and gardened.

I baked some gingerbread (people) that were cut into snowflakes instead of people (this recipe is listed under "biscuits and cookies") ... the recipe links take you to "BeRo" my Nan had their old recipe book from the war years, that I always used to bake from. The recipes are simple and use very basic ingredients. Its my first time baking in ages... it felt good!!

Today I have been busy getting more supplies, fimo and yarn ... that's like saying flowers and chocolates!!
I whizzed up 3 fun fur scarves for the children, and I'm nearly finished the co-ordinating fingerless gloves - just Alyssa's gloves need to be knit. Emily chose yellow gloves & scarf, Ben chose blue gloves and a black (bat) scarf and Alyssa chose purple gloves & scarf. I also got some dark green yarn to crochet some school scarves for them, maybe some mittens too ... I'm still thinking about those because I'm sure they will get lost easily.

I'm feeling better ... can you tell? :)

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