Monday, June 13, 2011

burlap bags/baskets

Sorry about the grainy picture, I'm taking it at night!

My WIPS (works in progress) are staring to take over, its not that I have a lot - its just there is no neat way to store them - you cant throw them all into one bag cause they will get knotted up ... and I love the basket idea but the shelf space I'm using is an awkward shape ... baskets seem to be too big, and then I would have to line them...

So I made these, they are just like my bigger sock bags without the drawstring. The burlap/hessian is firm so keeps the basket style shape and I can fit 4 on my shelf!! And there is another shelf above (yippie!!) ... and it co-ordinates with my room!!

Im loving these so much ... I can see them in every room in my house ... holding all sorts of things!!

(PS they shelf looks rather old and the veneer is peeling, this is the bottom of a writing desk that I use as a dressing table - its not quite an antique ... but its getting there!)

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