Tuesday, June 21, 2011

knitting and star wars

Whew ... the days are just flying by at the moment, I finished up some more fingerless gloves for my friend yesterday.

I wanted to cast on another shawl yesterday but I decided to work on the Juneberry instead ... got to finish that one!! But it requires so much concentration that I only finished 1 row last night!! 1 row ... its embarrassing!! Anyway it will get finished, and its going to be somebodies Christmas present at the end of the year, I have someone in mind & I'm sure they will love it.

At the moment its 9am and I'm cooking a few dinners, I can see its going to be a busy week so I'm cooking ahead & freezing.

In the midst of it all I'm putting together the Star Wars party for sat, but honestly I'm not doing much ... its quite a difficult theme to work with. I have found a lot of printables ... so I think that's the plan
STAR WARS WEBSITE (word search/masks/puzzles/colouring pages/ etc)

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