Tuesday, June 7, 2011

nothing much!

Shew its been cold! and I have not been crafting ... instead I have been cleaning and cooking (a lot)
I didn't finish the fingerless gloves, they are for my friend at school, she asked me to knit up 2 pairs of gloves for her 2 grand-daughters. So I really should get a move on!

And the baby cardigan that I was going to knit over the weekend? Well that didn't happen either so I took the knitted one out of my shop and used that as part of her gift ... I felt like I was cheating, but justified myself with the fact that it was very cold ... and we went out over the weekend, so I ran out of time...

Ive been finding beautiful inspirational room pictures on google;
 I sort of have this picture frame look going on in our entrance area, but instead of the pretty wooden coffee table we have an exercise bike ... this look is much more sophisticated!

 I love the colours in this room, it would look STUNNING for one of my girls bedrooms ... and they could hide lots of stuff in the drawers under the window!

I just love this grey colour scheme

And this room is lovely because of the Christmas stockings on the end of the bed! And all the flowery things tied to the bedposts ... totally impractical but so pretty to look at!

As you can see I have been very distracted lately!

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