Saturday, June 25, 2011

star wars at the bowling alley

Well the party went well, I ended up getting my children to cut out stars for me and hot gluing them onto the paper plates... its not very star warsy but at least there was some reference to stars!!

I printed out a black and white Yoda onto green paper, gave him a brown cloak and attached him to a straw where he stood guard over the ham and cheese rolls!

I used a cute template I found online to cut out clones (good guys and bad guys ... I couldn't tell the difference until Ben came along and educated me!) they were glued onto white paper party bags that were filled with sweets.

We ordered the cake, it had a motorbike on it (no picture of that sorry) we chose it because it was the only thing we could vaguely tie into a star wars theme (the baddies rode wheel-less motor bikes ... did you know that??)

It turned out great, 18 children in a dark bowling alley with luminous star wars themed stuff glowing under the black lights ... but I am exhausted!! At least I get a few months break until the next one!!

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