Friday, June 17, 2011

yarn, buttons and the lunar eclipse

I got these beautiful yarns as gifts for my birthday; Elle Jewel, Fortissima Socka (sock yarn) and Elle Toledo ... and the colours make me so happy!!
Another friend gave me these beautiful buttons, they are garden bugs, they are so cute with glittery wings and the spider has hairy legs!!

There was a big lunar eclipse ... that I missed!! Sos and the children stayed up to enjoy it ... but I decided to sleep and catch a rerun on you-tube ... anyway they were thrilled to see it (and stay up past 10pm!!) and have been chattering about it for days!!

Ben's birthday is coming up and he has chosen the theme of "star wars" I suggested an army theme or spiderman ... but this little boy has made up his mind so now I have to try be creative and get some star wars stuff into the party ... so far all I can think of is to use printables (to stick onto paper party bags, cupcake toppers, etc) ... so I'm going to trawl the party websites for some more creative inspiration.

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