Friday, July 29, 2011

the dietitian

One of my children has been to the dietitian to get a diet plan, its good and all of us will have to change our diet at the same time.

But I'm amazed by how things have changed in the last 15 years when I studied home economics at school, there used to be 5 food groups, now there are 3 ... and some vegetables are actually carbohydrates ... did you know that peas, carrots & butternut are classed as carbohydrates?

Well, reading through the menu plan has my mind boggling ... and as I walked up and down the grocery store aisles looking for the low GI cereal I passed boxes of LINDT truffles marked down to a few Rand per box ... I was so tempted to buy a box but I didn't! Instead I bought pro-vitas, more green vegetables and low fat milk.

So, no more baking in this house for a while ... just lean meats, low GI carbs and green veg ... I forgot to ask if the Mommy's chocolate counts as a fruit ... or a carb. And if its a fruit can I have 5-a-day???

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