Saturday, August 6, 2011

books, books and more books!

So its been a while since I last visited the Hospice shop nearby ... like over a year! They have a great bookshop full of second hand books at cheap prices, yesterday I went looking for a specific low GI cookbook but they didn't have it...

Instead they had another book (more useful) written by the same author, "The South African Glycemic Index Guide" which lists South African grocery items (by brand) and what their GI rating is ... its going in my handbag PERMANENTLY!

And then as I perused the shelves I found the kids section where I stocked up on "Mary Kate and Ashley", "the babysitters club", "the pony club", and some other book about 2 sisters struggling to share a room (totally appropriate at this point of our lives!) ... really I was feeling so good at this point ...

And then I went past the self help section and found a Suze Orman finance book and Dr Phil book that I have wanted to read for ages... then I was planning on buying Victoria Osteen and Joyce Meyers' books as ebooks (I had already downloaded the first chapters) and there they were on the shelf ... just waiting for ME!
As I headed toward the till I spotted a Sam Walton biography (founder of Walmart) Since we read the "Walmart Effect" a few years ago we have been fascinated with this man!

I did so well and cant wait to get stuck into them, and the best part ... it cost less that 2 brand new books!

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