Saturday, August 20, 2011

D's poncho

Such a cute poncho, I used 3 strands of Elle Jewel yarn held together and went around and around until I ran out of yarn, it was still a little short so I blasted it with the steam iron and it grew by about a third - now its the perfect length!

I crocheted a little flower, sewed a button on the back and buttoned it through one of the crochet holes.
Also crocheted a long cord and wove it through the holes at the neckline so it can be made smaller if necessary

Its for an 8 year old, I made the largest size (c/on 40ch with a 10mm hook)
Literally a 4 hour project :)

You can get the pattern here (I didn't add the curly edge at the bottom)

Oh and in case you havent noticed I have written out some of my patterns and added them to the right hand side of this page--->----> click the link and you can download the pdf's

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