Thursday, August 4, 2011

mini skeins

I have learnt a new skill this week ... how to twist yarn into hanks/skeins! Such fun and the end result is beautiful!

Here are my sock yarn mini's each skein is 25m long - perfect for adding to your sock yarn blanket, making Christmas ornaments, scarves or maybe some stripes in a pair of socks you are knitting ... the possibilities are endless!

I have listed some on my etsy store and have lots more planned!

I'm also crafting away at a steady pace, making Christmas gifts, working on my 2 blankets ... still haven't got around to setting up the craft room, but the crafty things are slowly migrating upstairs.
Alyssa and I are also working on crafts for her entrepreneurs day at school in October, we are using bright crisp rainbow colours and it is looking so happy!

Today is bright and chilly but I got an email from a friend showing snow scenes from USA and I'm so grateful that its not me and my family stuck behind all that snow!

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