Monday, August 15, 2011

No-sew Poncho (almost)

I love quick and easy no-sew projects! This is a way to reuse some fleece blankets that your children may have out grown.

Go and get a piece of polar fleece, cut it into a square: measure from arm to arm for a long poncho, or from elbow to elbow for a shorter one.

Get a round dinner plate/ side plate for a small child and place it in the middle of your square, draw around it.

Cut out the circle - that's your neck opening! too small? cut the circle a bit bigger. too big? see the end of this tutorial

Now you can fringe the bottom use a piece of tape (any kind) to mark off 5cms (2 inches) of the bottom, this is where you stop cutting! I chopped out the square at the corner.

Cut your fringe all the way around ... remove your tape and there you have one easy poncho!

What if your neck is too big? THIS IS WHERE YOU WILL NEED TO SEW! I threaded a piece of ribbon all the way around the neckline

And there you go, one SUPER CUTE poncho!


Brenda said...

Thank you for your post! I am putting together a poncho project for Girl Guides and I'm going to make good use of your ideas about the tape edge as a guide for the fringe, and stitching the ribbon in to pull in the neckline!

Vikki said...

Brenda, that sounds wonderful! The young ladies are going to love their new ponchos!