Thursday, August 18, 2011


I have tried to grow Rocket before, but it didnt work. I have a feeling it might have got weeded out because it looks just like a weed!

Anyway a few months ago I had a packet and decided to just throw the whole lot in and see what happened! Well it worked! Even though it feels like we just endured out coldest winter ever - the Rocket grew and look at the crop!

Some of it is going to seed and I'm going to let it, I have heard once you get it seeding in you garden you get a crop every year.

Its lovely in a salad or in a sandwich with cheese or cold meats.


Mariesa said...

Hey Vikki Your veg garden looks great! I hope you are enjoying the fresh greens in the kitchen.

Vikki said...

Thanks Mariesa, we are! I got some more vegetable seeds yesterday that I want to plant this week, now the weather is warming up.