Monday, November 21, 2011

this week

This week I finished some brown gloves, no pictures as they were wrapped as soon as they were finished.

Ben is better, he had a sinus infection with high fevers and severe headaches last week, after a second trip to the Dr he got cortisone ... which he had a very bad reaction to and on Thursday night he was vomiting up blood, so he ended up at the hospital on a drip. It was very stressful, blood tests on Thurs showed it was viral.
I took him (medicated) to his grade 1 party on Friday, where he met his teacher for next year and his classmates. He was so happy because his best friend, from playschool last year, is in his class! We have 6 gr 1 classes with about 30 children in each class so it is AMAZING that they are in the same class! He was a LOT better by sat morning.

Its raining this morning, its nice. The water bill has been ridiculously high so I have not been watering my garden for the last 3 months, and last week our area was put on water restrictions so the rain will definitely refresh the garden!

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