Friday, December 2, 2011

Christmas things

The Christmas gifts are done, just got the last few at home waiting to be given out, I thought I would show you some.
 First, I got these bags a few months ago and thought they were stunning (I just love checks!) - but now when I need a bag they are not very Christmassy! So I clipped on a rose and I think it looks great- not too festive but just enough.
 The roses are hair clips that I have been making so this is what it looks like from the back.
Then I found this CUTE embroidery design at and stitched it onto some dish cloths last night ... these are perfect for a few friends of mine that don't have domestic help around the house!
If you cant see it it says "if you can read this DRY THE DISHES"
I was decorating bags last week and needed a gift tag, but struggled to find something that worked with the rose pins, so I created this one.
Its 2 holly leaves cute out of cardboard (I glued some pretty scrapbooking paper onto cardboard) then you can just write the name on the leaf. I just loved these!
This is what it looks like in orange & yellow, I did these for the knitting group last week
Here is the template if you want to make some of your own (click the image to get a full size view)
After I knitting some gloves for my children last week, they saw these gloves I finished at knitting group on Tuesday and they all wanted these instead, so Ive been knitting away trying to finish them.
Im still finishing up a blue pair, they are very quick and easy. I made the ribbing different on these 2 so there will be no confusion about who owns which glove.

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Lynne said...

It all looks so lovely! I am so not into the Christmas spirit yet, but you have inspired me!