Saturday, December 10, 2011

New York baby!

We arrived safely to New York after about 24 hours of travel, the pictures are a bit jumbled up. 
I loved this view of the taxi's - this is the image you always see of NY
Here is the new "one world tower" (building under construction) the twin towers were here, its a significant place for us, Alyssa was born the morning it came down.
 Times Square is so bright at night, it feels like daytime!
 Breakfast at Dunkin Donuts was such a treat, especially as it was 0°C outside!
 The children took photos of all the cakes on display at Dunkin Donuts

 We went on a boat tour and saw the Statue of Liberty - amazing!
Times square is huge, the buildings are so tall and there are thousands of people taking pictures and walking around.
 This was a lego sculpture in Toys-R-Us at Times Square
 This was also in Toys-R-Us, this giant dinosaur moves and roars and had all the little kids running away crying!
 We saw these window displays on a Holiday lights tour that we did, they are so pretty and detailed!

The streets of New York are something familiar, you have seen them in all the movies, but also something so unreal ... its loud and has a sweet smell in the air, like a combination of hot dogs, coffee and donuts. And there are so many people!
Despite the economy, there is a resilience in the people of NY, our taxi driver had a masters degree in programming, lost his job and now drives a taxi every day to earn a living. Our bus driver pulled over for an old man running for the bus at 10pm ... gratefully he said "thank you" as he swiped his card and took his seat, he was dressed for work. One of the tour guides was from Senegal, about 40 years old, he is studying in NY and works as a tour guide in his spare time to earn money for him and his family.

This is an amazing place.

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Pinktulip said...

My most favorite city in the world! Your pictures give a very good summary of what makes NYC. I have not been at Xmas time yet, it looks even better than normally. Thanks for sharing your pics.