Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Life in the jet lagged lane

Well we are back from our holiday almost a week now and I'm really struggling with jet lag this time, Ive tried forcing myself to sleep early, forcing myself to stay awake till late but no matter what I'm SLOW and tired all day and bouncing around like the energizer bunny from 2am!

So here I am at 3am baking muffins and hoping my children won't wake up from the smell, Ive got all the kitchen appliances humming along as they wash, dry and clean ... and (for this season) when everyone else wakes up the house will be immaculate, there will be no laundry pile, hot muffins and tea/coffee will be waiting and I will appear to be the perfect housewife!
Its just as well though, because we have guests arriving in a few hours!

Earlier I was searching from my bran muffin recipe that I have used for 12 years and its gone, I did a huge clear out last year and I must have thrown it out. So off to the Internet where I found this recipe, and I actually like it more ... because you type in how many muffins you want to make and it automatically adjusts the ingredient quantities for you!

Here is a picture of Ben and I at Daytona beach a month ago, it looks sunny but it was SO cold! We were driving to Titusville (near NASA) and we saw the sign for Daytona beach so we took a detour ...  it was a lovely day!

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