Friday, January 13, 2012

more garden pictures

All these garden pictures are from the theme parks, I noticed that the plantings changed from Christmassy red & white to spring colours like yellows and pinks during our visit, when I asked a Disney cast member about it he said he arrives at work in the morning and find all the gardens replanted! The replant overnight!

 Pansys in orange, yellow & white

 Christmas hanging baskets

 Colours I would never put together!
 this was still planted up with Christmassy poinsettias
 pink geraniums
 And I loved this novel Christmas tree, its a frame with all these plants inside it (I didn't get close enough to see if there were pots inside, but I'm assuming there were) It has some kind of Christmas/pine tree plants, hens & chickens & poinsettias ... made such a statement!
 pink geraniums and white alyssum
 Don't you just love big round fountains!

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