Wednesday, February 1, 2012

February crafting

Its February and Ive been inspired by all the lovely decor I have seen lately.

So today I'm making paper roses, not just any paper roses ... paper roses made of newspaper! I have seen some made of chopped up books for petals ... but I really cant chop up a perfectly good book ... so I chopped up the local free newspaper instead (not the crime sections!)
Mine are tucked into some lovely green rose leaves from the garden, if I had some real roses I would put them in too.

Here are some other blogs with how-to instructions for making your own paper roses (I didn't use either method but now I have seen them I want to try them!)

And then because its the month of love, I made heart shaped scones for breakfast tomorrow.

On our travels we stayed in a lot of hotels & motels and most included free breakfasts, and I was inspired by their breakfast areas so I pulled a table into my dining room and created our very own breakfast bar!

The coffee machine splutters out lovely rich coffee (I love that smell!) and there is a selection of teas that the children get to choose between every morning ... so it feels like we are still on holiday!

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