Friday, February 3, 2012


I just love making socks ... I really do. There is something so satisfying about them...
So here is my first pair for 2012

Made from Opal Circus on 2.5mm needles, I love this colourway! A friend gave me this sock wool for Christmas 2010.

While we were enjoying our last few days of travels I was taking pictures of the sunrises and sunsets... and I realised in the space of three days I saw the sunset in Florida over a lake (on a train so its whizzing by)

We woke up to the sunrise in Washington (still on the train), drove through to New York where we caught this sunset over the ocean (out of the car window!)

Then we flew home and I caught the sunrise somewhere over Africa (out the plane window so the clouds look like melting marshmallows)

I feel so blessed that I got to see those little snippets of life, so often in the midst of the busy morning or afternoon I miss them, and here I was forced to sit back and watch, and it was beautiful!

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