Friday, March 23, 2012

knitting and the garden

I have been knitting and crocheting a lot, here is another shawl I finished this week. I really like the colour, I got the yarn at Christmas.

And Sos bought me this beautiful fountain last week ... when we ordered it the lady told us to add 2 tsp of bleach to the water to keep it fresh, since I had no bleach I used the bleach you get for cleaning the toilets ... well its not the same thing! And my fountain filled up with bubbles - it was very funny!! It was like a giant bubble bath in the garden!

So, we emptied it and refilled it and now it looks beautiful in front of the house, I'm still working on the bed around it ... but I'm taking it slowly ... mostly cause I cant really decide what I want to do. So far I'm leaning towards what you see above - a whole bed of low growing (and low maintenance) hens and chickens... but I would  love that full English garden look full of flowers ... decisions decisions!

Today I wondered if the ladies sized socks I knit might fit my 2 girls (especially the 8.5 inch ones) and I was so thrilled to find they do fit, so they both chose their favourite pair. Ive been wanting to knit them socks for ages but never get around to knitting the smaller sizes ... well the time has come when I don't need to!

Ive been knitting 2 new pairs in the last few weeks, one is a test knit and its so pretty and lacy, Em tried the one on just now and it fits perfectly so I will finish them up for her birthday.

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