Friday, April 27, 2012

back home

I finished Ben's socks this morning, they are lovely! And he is so happy with them. I measured his feet and they are 7" x 7" x 7" ... he was thrilled he said it was just like his school report! although I think he got two 7's (full marks) and one 5.

Emily helped me make chocolate coated coffee beans this morning, we are going to use these to decorate a cake/desert. We couldn't get the outside to look smooth, but they taste good! We used decaf coffee beans (that I bought by mistake recently!)

And while we were away we had our drinks served with all sorts of fun decorations, so I copied this one, these are lemon wedges with a cherry in between. They are served balanced on the top of the glass.

I have come back so inspired, they served the most amazing deserts at the hotel where we were staying, not just the taste but the presentation too. They were served in shot glasses and champagne glasses, as well as regular cakes/tarts, the decorations were beautiful - chocolate leaves, curls, tubes, fruits ... each was like a work of art. I cant wait to start making some at home!

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