Thursday, April 26, 2012

Pafos, Cyprus

Well we have just got home from a week in Pafos, Cyprus, what a beautiful place! This is a long post full of pictures, I hope you enjoy it!

We flew in via Dubai (bought some more dates, the one stuffed with almonds are my favourite!) landed in Larnaca and then drove about an hour and a half to Pafos.

It was a lovely drive, with lots of things to look at. We were amazed by their wind farms, solar powered geysers on everything, buildings and landscape.

We were there for my brothers wedding, and I have lots of lovely wedding pictures to put up here, but I'm only allowed to put them up next week. So this post is just going to be about the holiday.

There were beautiful flowers everywhere! In planters, pots and growing in the wild.

On one of the days we went out on a glass bottomed boat and saw a shipwreck and some sea sponges, it was a fun way to see the coastline. We also saw the fort, there wasn't much to see but we got some lovely photos and the children enjoyed exploring.

Another day we explored the mosaics and the tombs of the kings. We were imagining Paul preaching here and walking along dusty pathways for hours in our sandals. Talking about dusty feet scriptures and how we are so glad we live in this century ;)

The children had a great time at the beach, collecting shells and splashing around in the water. The close up of the sand is to show you all the shells in it - isn't it beautiful!

Ben asked me to knit him some brown stripy socks before we left, so I took them with me, one day I was knitting at the beach and saw the colours matched the sand perfectly so I got Ben to model the finished sock (the other is nearly done) I hoped to knit on the plane on the way home but the needles did not get through security so I got to sleep instead!

Here are Ben's Cyprus sand sock(s)

We arrived home safely today, the sniffer dog at the airport found something in our bags; the apples that we didn't eat yesterday ... I felt like a criminal but Alyssa was thrilled (she doesn't like apples much!) and asked if they wanted the jam too! 

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