Monday, April 16, 2012


Sorry about the picture quality, I'm taking quick pictures in between everything else I'm trying to do today!

Here are the baby hats

the bibs - made in dishcloth cotton (sugar & cream) look at the cute neck - its ribbing - no buttons or ties, I love this pattern!

And an even cuter tape measure cover!! I was a pattern tester here so the pattern hasn't been released yet, doesn't it look yummy! Mine is a strawberry pie :) It took 2 hours last night.

And the project bags I have been sewing up, I still have a lot more to do! But I used some beautiful fabrics here that friends have given me (two of the strawberry fabrics, the knitted argyle fabric and the blue fruity fabric) the two front ones are a lot bigger.

No pictures of the flower girl dresses, I will put those up after the wedding. But they look stunning! They are made in ivory satin.

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