Sunday, April 15, 2012


What a busy few weeks!

Everything seemed to happen last week while the children were having a weeks holiday, Emily had a birthday party and turned 9, we went ice skating with the children, Ben decided that Dad actually buys the eggs so we took them with when we went to buy chocolate eggs & bunnies (the other 2 worked it out a while ago!) and Ive been sewing the girls flower girl dresses for a wedding next week.

I've also been sewing bags ... 35 so far! I'm using up all my stash, they make excellent gift bags! And my one friend said she used hers as a diaper bag for her new born (I think it was only diapers and wipes)
Ive been knitting away as well, baby hats and cute bibs, I love using up stash! I must try and get some pictures soon, but not now as its 3am (I cant sleep)

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