Monday, April 30, 2012

the wedding

The official wedding pics are up so I think I can share all my pictures now!

I sewed flower girl dresses for my 2 girls, it was quite a challenge! I got a picture emailed to me, then I had to create the pattern (in 2 different sizes, not just lengths) and the day before we flew I finished! I think they turned out beautifully (as long as you don't look inside at some of my crazy seams!) and the bride loved them so that was the most important thing.

I made them in ivory satin, the bridesmaid wore a red dress and all the men wore beige suits with red ties, so the theme was red & ivory, it was so striking!

Here were the chairs used for the ceremony, there was a red carpet going up the middle

The location was on a balcony/terrace overlooking the sea, you cant see very well in this picture but just beyond the palm trees is the ocean

Here was a flower arrangement on the table

This was a picture of the cake, I loved how they threaded crystals onto those grassy bits

This was the brides bouquet

This was one of the corsages my girls wore on their wrists, notice the sparkle in the roses? They are pins ... and I brought 7 home! (They put them in the brides bouquet, above, too)

There was a dinner after the ceremony in the same area, overlooking the sea and we got to watch the most amazing sunset!

It was such a special time, for me, I got to see my whole family together again for the first time in over 12 years! One of my brothers I have not seen in 10 years and another in about 5 years ... it was really good, and we got some lovely family photos.

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