Saturday, May 12, 2012

first 40

Well the first 40 are done ... and my arm is sore!! :)
I made 15 scarves today!

The last green one was a lace scarf that I started a few years ago that needed a few rows of garter stitch to complete it, I'm dropping off the first 40 scarves tomorrow cause they are taking up a lot of space. They weigh 2kgs!


Lynne said...

why are you making so many? And do you have a knotting machine (or have you become one?)

Vikki said...

Yes Im whizzing them up on my knitting machine :) it knits long tubes so I sew up the ends and add fringing. You wind the little hand crank on the side... thats why my arm gets sore!

They are going to church where they will be distributed to the orphans & needy during winter.

I just woke up on the 5th May and decided I needed to do something big (go big or go home!), Ive made scarves before ... but never this many at once. I feel like Im really pushing myself ... and it feels good! Im enjoying it a lot :)