Thursday, May 31, 2012


One more scarf, although its being given away today so it doesn't count towards my total.
I have given myself a few extra days to finish the 100 ... so far I'm still on 65 (the 11 extras that have been given away don't count, since I wanted to donate a bag of 100)

And I made this LOVELY little girls vest, I used Elle Classic Wool Blend "cappuccino" I'm really loving this yarn! I also knit 2 pairs of gloves in the "Mocha" colorway on Tuesday
The free pattern for this vest is here

My mods; I used 1 strand of DK yarn and 4.5mm needles. Mine will fit a 3-6 month old. Next time I'll shorten the length by 2"

And I picked up my sock needles and sock yarn again ... this is Elle Retro "Bubbles" I'm a bit tired of scarves at the moment! So I needed to take a break, you cant really see the colours but its a soft green and white stripe with speckles on the white stripe.

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