Monday, May 28, 2012

salsa baby

I finished my "salsa baby" cardigan this morning, the yarn is Elle Classic Wool Blend and the colourway is "Salsa"
I finished the lining part this morning, Ive actually been desperate to do it ever since I bought the yarn and fabric last week.

The lining was actually quite quick to do (about an hour), Ive been dreaming about it at night so by the time the children left for school this morning and I whipped out my scissors and fabric I was ready to go.

The side seams and edging were sewn on the machine and then the whole piece was hand stitched to the knitted part

Look even the sleeves are lined ;)

 I was so happy to find 5 red buttons in my button box this morning!

Oh I'm SO SO proud of this cardigan! Its gorgeous and just how I imagined!! It will fit a 12 month old. As I was uploading the photos I was imagining how you could line it with some special vintage fabric, maybe a shirt from a father/grandfather … something special from a granny … oh my mind is racing ;)


Lynne said...

What a wonderful idea. This is gorgeous, Viki

Vikki said...

thanks I think so too :)