Tuesday, May 1, 2012

seashell bracelets

I pulled out my little drill yesterday and drilled holes into some seashells we picked up in Cyprus, they have made the most beautiful bracelets!

Someone suggested that I varnish the shells, but I have had a bad experience with varnishing things so I wasn't that interested ... but when I got home I remembered the advice and tried it, and the colours have come out so well.
Last time I tried varnishing the varnish dried sticky, ie it didnt dry! And no amount of revarnishing would help. So this time I used clear nail polish (Sos asked what the smell was!!) and it seems to be fine.

My throat is still VERY sore, but the pharmasist said the "one dose" antiobiotic would take 2-3 days to work ... I got very mild over-the-counter painkillers that are not killing anything. But my headache is gone so thats a good thing!

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