Saturday, May 5, 2012

where have the days gone?

The days seem to by flying by, and I have been sleeping a lot these last few days (side effect of some medicine Im taking) I must say I do LOVE those long daytime naps! And I wake up feeling all rested and refreshed!

In between sleeps, Ive been baking, knitting and beading. Its been great! I do LOVE my life :)

knitted scarves, with some yarn I was given for Christmas last year, I have enough blue to make 6 more!

knitted baby hats - all stripy and bright

I saw this bag in Cyprus and LOVED it, I thought it would be perfect for my knitting and then my Mom bought it for me. The basket colour perfectly matched the sea sand, and the handles are macramed with shells and sparkly bits woven in ... it makes me so happy when I see it!

I opened these biscuits that we brought back from Cyprus today, they are delicious! They served them in the hotel and I asked for the recipe and they showed me the packet, they buy them at the grocery store! So I bought 2 packets home with me. They are like thin biscotti with raisons and almonds in them .

And today I have been browsing through my Christmas book, all inspired by the recipes (which would be amazing for us now since we are going into winter!) "Cranberry Walnut Coffee Cake" pg
121 and "Candy Cane Chocolate Drops" pg 85

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