Saturday, June 9, 2012

boeremark (farmers market)

What a fun morning, we went out to the farmers market this morning. The children were so excited and got up at 5am, it took us adults a bit longer to drag ourselves out of bed! But it was a 15 minute drive, watching a lovely sunrise on the way and we arrived to a cold a bustling market.

It was wonderful to buy fresh vegetables and fruit, free range eggs, cheese, salami all made locally ... the prices were cheaper than normal, less food miles (or kms) and mostly free range and organic.

There is nothing like getting up at the crack of dawn and wondering through a market on a cold winters morning, sipping hot chocolate and munching on warm pancakes ... while doing your grocery shopping!
It was a lovely experience talking to the man who made the cheese ... who gives you a tried and tested pasta recipe or the man who grows the raspberries ... who tells you that he will have fresh berries in the summer.

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