Monday, June 25, 2012

cooking and crafting in the cold!

Ive been doing a lot of cooking and baking lately, its the weather ... its so cold!!

Here are some chocolate chip & walnut muffins, I used a bran muffin mixture and added a cup of walnuts and a cup of chocolate chips, the batch made 20 muffins so there was a lot of nuts and chocolate chips in each muffin. These didnt last long!!

Today Ben helped me in the kitchen and made these, savoury muffins (its a packet mix) We added in feta cheese and bits of fried salami, frying the salami just takes it to another level - it gets rid if the excess oil/fat and the crispy edge bits are so flavourful, almost tastes like bacon.

Now this looks like a big mess but its the left over frittata, we have been making this a lot since we found the free range eggs at the farmers market.

Last week I made a Mediterranean one (garlic, green pepper, onion, salami, spinach, feta cheese and 6 beaten eggs poured over the top, baked in the oven until set) The spinach really filled up the baking dish so the egss were just to bind it together ... this was a really healthy version and the garlic & salami disguised the taste of the spinach. This we served with toasted homemade olive bread (regular bread baked with half a packet of olives thrown into the dough)
It served 4 adults and 3 children

And a breakfast one (onion, bacon, can of whole corn, 10 eggs poured over the top, baked in the oven until set) This we served with regular toast and nice strong coffee. It served 4 adults and 3 children

Well this mornings one (above) is also a breakfast version; 2 onions, salami, carbonossi, feta cheese, 10 eggs.
This one was cooked up in the pan which is a messier (but quicker) way to do it.
We served this with the savoury muffins above and it served 2 adults and 3 children.

Ive been doing a lot of knitting and just pulled out my sewing machines over the weekend, lots of things to finish & show you ... and the one Im most excited about I cant!!
Im designing a pattern, Ive already knit up the first version but need to adjust the top part. But I just love it, the colours are bright and happy and it has just awakened my creativity. Its for a swap and the final item is due in Sept, so I will only show it here around the same time.

Last night I pulled out my glue gun and glued clips onto the backs of some flowers I had made a while ago, I have been making them up here and there with scraps of yarn/ fabric and been collecting them up until I had enough. This morning Alyssa and Emily chose a few favourites out for themselves, and this is whats left.
The clips are good for hair but also for jackets, hats, bags etc

The white ones were made from scraps from the flower girl dresses I made a few months ago. I actually have a LOT more left over fabric from that project and thought that the flowers would look amazing glued onto the front of a handbag... so I think thats the next project.

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