Sunday, July 29, 2012

ahoy mate! ... pirate party

So its party time again, this time its a pirate party for Ben ... here are the ideas I used

(sorry no picture here!)
I found a "draw your own map" image online and typed the party details inside the map. I printed it out and burnt the edges with a candle.


I cut 50cm square pieces of fabric in half (in a triangle) and zigzagged the edges

Eye Patches:
I searched online for a template (there are lots and they are free) cut out the eye patches from felt and attached thin elastic to the edges.

Party Bags:

I sewed beige fabric into bags, printed a map image (found here) onto iron-on interfacing, then ironed the interfacing onto the outside of the bag, this came as a last minute idea when my first idea of drawing maps onto the bags did not work.
This interfacing idea worked perfectly and is much quicker!


Its supposed to be an island/beach scene.
The (plastic) pirate boat is caught in the chocolate rocks in the sea (blue icing), right by the beach (chocolate icing sprinkled with brown sugar) I put 7 gold candles in the sandy section.

It turned out to be a lovely party, considering it was planned in a week... a very busy week with lots of other things going on ... and quite a few late nights!

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