Saturday, July 7, 2012

La Convivialita' - Italian Cooking School

I had a wonderful afternoon cooking today, I went to the La Convivialita' - Italian Cooking School and learned how to make pasta.

I have already made pasta before, I made mine in the food processor, but this pasta you make by hand with flour and eggs (no water) and it was great to get personal attention and hints and tips on how to make perfect pasta.

The day started and ended eating at a long table outside on the patio, with a long white tablecloth, lots of food, wine and laughing ... just how you imagine Italians are! We ate our own pasta at the end and even got to take a bag home afterwards.

Such a fun way to spend an afternoon, I cant wait to go back and do another cooking course with them :)


Anonymous said...

Vikki I am very excited to see that someome has written an article about my cooking school. That you very much for the boost and I love your article.

Lots of Love

p.s. will let you know once i've got the next course ready.

Anonymous said...

It was great having you here...what a special day for us as well Bruna and Chris