Friday, July 6, 2012

organising, warm snow and a free ebook

Well free things first :)

I bought The Makers Diet a few years ago and although I don't follow it exactly, I really like what Jordan Rubin has to say about our diet.
He is a Christian and has a great 30 minute slot on TBN, you can also find them on youtube as well, anyway his new book is available as a free ebook!
I got mine last week but haven't got very far into it yet, here is where you can get your copy (you need to give your email address)

Today I pulled out a gift Sos bought me a few years ago, its fake snow! Id been saying (at the time) that I would love to see snow ... so he bought me this!
Because I mixed it up with warm water we ended up with warm snow, the children had fun throwing it around the garden :)

I finished 3 more scarves (total 75!!)

Ive been organising too and reading lots of blogs on recycling ... and I quickly covered some empty boxes with gift wrap this afternoon. Do you remember doing this when you were younger? I do ... so it was fun to do it again now ... and, when I get some more glue, I'm going to cover a few more.
These are now storing gift tags, mini bags and mini pegs and look so neat in my cupboard!

Finally my swap parcel arrived so I can show you the project bag I made, I cant wait to make more bags like this, I want to make some for Christmas.

I love the drawstring bag inside the regular bag. The style would make a beautiful handbag.

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