Tuesday, August 7, 2012


It snowed today, it was beautiful ... at first I thought it was pollen because it was just floating around in the air, but as it hit the ground it left a wet spot.

During the light snowfall I had to go fetch the children from school and almost like a switch had been turned on, the snow fell faster and harder as the children came out of school, they were all so excited - screaming, laughing and running around on the field. It was the first time most of the children had seen snow - it was so exciting!

All the adults had huge smiles on their faces and were taking photos on their cameras ... I don't know when last it snowed here (or if it ever has before) but as we are nearing the end of winter it is an unexpected surprise ... and we are all hoping it continues through the night so there is some snow on the ground in the morning!

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