Thursday, August 2, 2012

Sos and I had a lovely evening last night at the IMD Business Forum, Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the Sandton Convention Center

One of the Speakers I really enjoyed was Prof Winter Nie, she spoke on "How Innovation and Entrepreneurship stimulate growth in China" I downloaded her book from amazon as soon as I got home! You can get it here

Afterwards there was a fascinating speech by Dr Kunle Hassan, he was the Dr to the crown prince (who is now king) of Saudi Arabia. One of the things I wrote down from his speech (that I'm probably taking out of context!) is:
"Do what is right, true and honourable. Its not about being perfect, but rather about diligence"

Afterwards we had the most amazing meal! I didn't see the menu, so I'm guessing what most of these ingredients in the meals were!

Starters: It was like a mushroom quiche with a salad piled high on top of it, there were some really weird little mushrooms in there that I have never seen before, they were perfectly white and tiny. Next to it was a disk of grains, I think is was quinao (since Ive seen it in the shops before) topped with a wedge of artichoke heart (my first time eating on of these!!)
Next to it was some slivers of avocado and roasted cherry tomatoes

The bread basket was filled with a few random breads (one of each) I took the one with pumpkin seeds, it was good! And look how they presented their butter - in the shape of a flower, I think I actually have that mold in my kitchen for chocolate making !

Main meal: This one was amazing, there was what appeared to be a pear on our plates, but the stalk was made of spaghetti! Inside seemed to be a mashed potato but someone else at the table thought it was pap (which I never eat so I would not know!) it was flavoured with herbs and coated in breadcrumbs, in front of it was the biggest fillet steak I have ever seen, also topped with some breadcrumby type thing. Next to it was vegetables, the one at the front that looks like a skinned grape is actually a tomato! Underneath the veg was a green mashed potato. Every bite of the vegetables seemed to have a different flavour ... it was amazing!

Dessert: this was a lovely mix of things, 2 mini lemon meringues, some creamy pie thing in the middle (really had no ingredient that stood out to help you to identify it) with a biscuit base that tasted like a crunchy (like an oat/coconut biscuit) it was topped with a triangle of dark chocolate and gooseberries, leaned up against it was a shortbread wedge, that was so thin and snappy! To the other side was a strawberry ... but the most fun aspect was the weird caramel fruit preserve at the front, it was crunchy outside and chewy inside, sweet outside but some fruits were tart ... it was just so unique!
The greeny yellow drizzle on the side was passion fruit, it was sweet so it might have been a syrup.

It was such a fun evening out, my brain was stimulated by the speeches, my creative side was stirred by the amazing food ... what great night out ;)

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