Monday, September 10, 2012

a week of photos

Its been such a full week, I took pictures along the way but haven't had a chance to upload them ... so here we go!
Bought quails eggs at the market, they are very cute as miniature fried eggs!

I made mini jam tarts with the mulberry jam

A giant chocolate cake, iced with chocolate and decorated with m&m's

A parcel arrived from Germany, full of beautiful fabrics! Thanks Nurhan :)

It hailed - a lot!

I finished some more scarves (total 86)

We saw this funny number plate (VAVAVUM)

And I added another bracelet to my shop (details here) this is "The day of Jubilee Charm Bracelet"

 I got these beautiful flowers, which have now turned orange!
And finally, I finished another baby sleeping bag! This is using Opal Zircus/Circus

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