Tuesday, September 18, 2012

extreme couponing, savoury waffles and some roses

I love the show "extreme couponing" on TV ... well today I got to do my very own extreme couponing.

On this shopping trip I bought; 2 furniture polish, 2 packets of eat-sum-more mini biscuits, 4 packets of caramel popcorn, 8 packets of savoury popcorn (store brand)

(The popcorn & biscuits were taped together so it was 2 for the price of one)

And my cost ? R1.10 that's about US$0.13!
I am so proud of myself :)

Earlier on today I made waffles using this savoury muffin mix. We ate them for breakfast and they are good!

And some roses from last week. I just love this colour!!


Lynne said...

I didn't know we got coupons here! where did you find them all?

Vikki said...

You get them on the shelves, they are usually hanging off the side of the shelf. Some of these I got in the mail as well.
The key is NOT to use them the same day you find them, but save them till the item is on special and then use them.
I got some handwash (the liquid)the other day for R6 by waiting for it to go on sale.