Wednesday, September 12, 2012

spoonflower and chocolate sock yarn

I had the most WONDERFUL experience with Spoonflower its a website where you can design your own fabric and then have it printed up, I chose cotton but they also print onto cotton knit (t shirting), silk, cotton voile, canvas and twill
So a few weeks ago I started playing around with some free online software, And I created my own fabric, this piece I created specifically to make drawstring bags. I filled the fabric with my favourite scriptures and some bright red flowers.
And yesterday it arrived! It was wrapped so beautifully in tissue paper!

Its not ironed here! Can you see the pictures? I used the clip art that looks like torn out notepaper and another that looks like a post-it.

And here is my bag ... just how I imagined it!

A closeup of the button used for the drawstring ribbon

And here is the bag all flattened out, I'm so thrilled with it.

And then ... some beautiful sock wool arrived. Its called "box of chocolates" It was a gift from 2 special friends and their letters just made me cry. Thank you Carle & Judy

Here it is in a ball ready to be knit :)


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