Saturday, September 1, 2012

what a week!

What a busy week! I won prizes (yippie) and got all sorts of free things along the way! Dont you just LOVE weeks like that!!
Somewhere along the way we had these yummy sweetcorn crumpets for breakfast (complete with umbrellas) The children brought home free samples of cereal from school, on the side it said it could be used to make smoothies ... so that's what they wanted. So these crumpets went with the smoothies.

My other labels arrived! I'm sewing them on everything :)

We went to the market this morning ... and I found a man doing embroidery!

And I got a picture of the man who makes all the lovely beaded things (that you can see around him)

And these weird plants!

I LOVED the roses

But most of all I loved my FREE tree from Checkers - thanks Checkers! They gave out 100 000 to celebrate arbour day/week.

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