Monday, October 29, 2012

beads, crafts and some fun pictures

My friend at school is Muslim and celebrates Eid, every year I make her and her daughters bracelets to match their dresses. This year the colours were "sea green", "cerise" and "royal blue", I made them up and happened to be at her home when the dresses were delivered and the bracelets matched perfectly! I was so pleased!
I used shell, crystal, glass and fresh water pearls

Here is a fresh water pearl set for another friend

Some facecloths I'm embroidering for Christmas

Gloves & a matching rose with the rest of the ball of yarn, I think its going to get a brooch glued onto the back to make it a set.

Then something fun, this guy was handing out papers at the robots the other day - I took the picture for Ben, he was sorry he missed it!

And in case you didn't want a Christmas tree this year and wanted a more tropical flavour ... they now sell palm trees in the Christmas tree department at Checkers!

Finally, I took this picture for a friend today as we were driving through town, but I thought I would share it with you too, its a picture of the Jacarandas flowering. Nearly every street in the city is lined with these trees and its very pretty this time of year!

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