Tuesday, October 2, 2012

knitting, flowers and stuff

Its been so busy here, lots going on and lots coming up, some stressful and some fun. It feels like the FFWD button has been pressed on my life. Here are some things that happenened in the last few days

Chinchillas we saw at the pet shop
  They were cute!

I knit this rose, using this pattern, a ravelry friend has been sick so a group of us are knitting her a bunch of flowers, such a lovely idea.

I got some beautiful flowers last week

Knitted some Christmas hooligans - you can find the pattern here. Next time I will use a lighter green and a self stripe for the stripy guy

Im still working on a crocheted blanket, sewing up bags and getting my garden ready for summer. The gardening has been good, Ive been dividing plants and filling up areas that died over winter, rearranging the bricks that edge the flower beds and pruning - I just love cutting things :)

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