Saturday, November 3, 2012

gingerbread houses and men

I found this beautiful coffee mug this week, there was only 1 in the shop (just for me!) I was drinking a cappuccino and writing a list of things to do in my journal earlier on this week and it was such a pretty scene :)

I'm so grateful this is a cardboard cutout and not a person!!

Today we made gingerbread mug cookies (recipes & directions are here : )

Here is the dough being cut out (Alyssa and Emily made the houses)

And baked

And assembled into a little house

And we iced the roof and put sprinkles on top

Here is another one, ours are too big for mugs ... I think the picture printed out too big, but they are VERY cute and we might make these instead of one large gingerbread house this year.
Emily said it was like a little village ... so that's what we will make closer to Christmas

The last two got a rainbow of smarties on top!

Ben wanted to make gingerbread men so he decorated these ones

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