Sunday, December 30, 2012

catching up

This is probably my last post of the year, Im catching up with all the photos I have stored on my phone! I have been so sick this month, back to the Dr again this week because my throat was bleeding after last weeks surgery - but its ok and I got more painkillers.
Anyway, onto fun things these eggs are called "laid in eggoli" which is cute because its a play on the word "egoli" which is the other name for Johannesburg

 Some savoury biscuits I baked for Sos,
  • the ones with cheese in the middle are : Cheese Pinwheels
(puff pastry, sprinkled with cheddar, rolled up, sliced in wheels and baked according to pastry packet)
(I couldn't roll them out and cut them according to the directions, but they were great)
(I also improvised the shaping of these as my roll crumbled when I tried to slice it)

Some lovely gifts I got from friends at school, I actually saw this scripture plaque on display somewhere and thought it was so pretty and wondered where I could get one - so I was thrilled to get this!

And a keyring and beaded sugar spoon

closeup of the beaded bee - I just loved this!

Emily & Ben decorated their doorways for Christmas, these were cut out of magazines and attached to the doorframes with prestic and magnets
Ben took his a step further and put a warning sign at the door

This jam was from Irene Farm. Don't you just love the handpainted fruit on the lid! Each flavour had a different picture painted on the top, this was Raspberry Jam

And I was very surprised to see wax on top of the jam! I have only read about this in old cookery books!

And finally, wax removed, there was a delicious jam underneath!

Finally, I found this lovely tin of rusks at PicknPay earlier this month, Sos loves eating rusks with his morning coffee.

But take a closer look at the artwork ... its knitting that is unravelling! Isnt it beautiful!! Just for me :)
Happy New Year to you all!

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