Saturday, December 15, 2012

crochet dresses

Well its been busy here, preparing for next year ... Ive signed up for some online courses and have started already and I got the audio book for "7 habits of highly effective people" ... we have actually had the book for nearly 10 years but I never got around to reading it, but now Im reading and listening at the same time ... 1 hour in and its good. 12 to go! I got a filler for the 7 habits diary/binder this week and Im all ready to be effective :)

Ive been sewing bags and tablecloths, crocheting dresses (yellow & white), knitting scarves and waiting for the builders to finish (they have) the repairs. Now our paving is straight again and our leaky roof is fixed ... and we started dreaming about all the other things that we would like to do (uh oh!!)

Last night we went to watch "Rise of the Gaurdians" at the drive-in, its the first time Emily & Ben have ever been and Alyssa went as a little baby so doesnt remember it. It was interesting, I noticed all the other families took camping chairs and blankets and sat in front of their cars, so next time we will try that too. It was difficult to see anything from the back seat.

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