Thursday, December 6, 2012

its beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!

We were sick last week and the meds I have been taking have left me very down, so I got a vit B injection last week which made me feel a LOT better.
Here is whats been going on in the last few weeks;
I crocheted this stunning cowl for Alyssa, the yarn has little flowers in it and is so pretty.

I finished knitting socks for a rav friend, don't you just LOVE the colours!!

A friend gave me a lovely homemade gift, I was so happy! I love homemade gifts :) It is peach jam (with peaches she has picked) and spice cookies

At knitting group we exchanged gifts at our Christmas party, I got soap in a tin (love the tin!!)

coat hangers with knitted covers - I love these!

hand cream and chocolates (my fav!)

And yarn ... yippie!!

Yesterday Emily and I made the Christmas crackers, since we plan an entertaining quite a bit this year I have made a few different kinds of crackers
Here we used scrap booking paper and filled them with a small present and a kit kat chocolate :) Made 20 of these.

Sos bought me a Silhouette cameo cutter 2 months ago and I have been LOVING it!! Its an electronic cutter that cuts out shapes, I have been using it to make boxes ... lots and lots of boxes!!
So here are the brown crackers, brown cardboard cut out in a cracker shape, a band of co-ordinating paper around the middle and a twig heart (that will be glued down) the ends are tied with brown ribbons. Just presents in these ones.

And my favourites, these are boxes, with a Rudolf gift tag stuck to the front, I glued a fuzzy pink nose on each one, and they will be tied with lime green ribbon bows. They look so cheerful and happy!
Gift tags came from the UK. Each will get a small chocolate & gift.

And tomorrow is the last day of school so I made some bookmarks to match the diaries each teacher is getting (they are all female)
And finally, I finished up these lavender bags (that you hang on coat hangers) today, they are for a friend, this bird one is made with quilting cotton, glued on 2 green leaves and a red button at the top

These are made in strawberry fabric, and I glued a butterfly onto the top of each one

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