Tuesday, January 29, 2013

tea, crafts and the bathroom

Our Chinese friend always brings us fascinating things from around the world. Last year he gave us a bag that had two tins in it. For some reason I thought I thought it was green tea ... it was actually flowering tea!
I saw them in Dubai a few years ago so as soon as I looked at the tag I knew it was something special. Its the most amazing thing, it starts out as a ball, that almost looks like a dead bug. When you put hot water over it it "blooms"

Here you can see our flowering tea next to the picture it is supposed to look like - it is amazing! And the smell is so perfumed. This one is called "Happy Together"

On Friday a prize that I won was delivered, sparkling wine in a gold handbag! How cute is that!
Every month I enter LOTS of competitions, sms competitions, email competitions and I love doing crosswords. I won this in a Good Housekeeping Magazine competition from December, they were very quick at delivering it!

My friend is known as "Granny Apple" as part of her birthday gift I embroidered her an apple facecloth - I love this botanical apple picture.

And the bathroom is nearly done - yippie! That's the shower doors balancing in the bathtub! I really love the tiles we chose for around the tub. And Ben decided that one basin is for the boys and the other is for the girls ...

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