Thursday, April 11, 2013

catching up

As I saw all the pictures on my phone, I can see its been a while since my last blog post... so here goes...

We went to a wedding a few weeks ago, and this horse was used to pull a Cinderella-like carriage with the bride inside, it was very pretty and romantic!

I ordered some yarn from China ... and it came in a box! I have never had my yarn come in a box before!

My studio (that some of you have asked about seeing) is being used, its beautiful ... I still need to move some more beads and fabric in. Today I pottered in there for an hour and a half and it was wonderful!

I love having my own little space to craft and dream in, and enough surfaces to cut out and sew at the same time! I painted just one wall yellow, and Sos put in the shelves for me (they still need white tape ironed onto the edges... I keep forgetting to buy more tape!)

On the other side (not pictured) is a kitchen area ... Im imagining a coffee pot simmering away in the corner - even though I don't drink filter coffee!

I found a lovely idea online this week, its called a "mug rug" its between a coaster and a placemat in size and is supposed to be big enough for a mug and a few cookies ... and Im just smitten with the idea! So I whipped up these two with some scraps I had on hand - I cant wait to make more using real patchwork patterns!

And finally, my Mom & Dad brought lots of fun chocolates out from the UK for us, I love this box! Look at the pretty strawberry on the side!

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