Saturday, April 13, 2013

cute & quick crafts

Dog jackets ... suddenly we need them and they cost more than I want to pay! So I used this pattern and repurposed one of Bens old tracksuits tops that was too small

I cut out 2, I used one as a lining, And the cute print on the front is for the back of the dog - its a good thing they are boy dogs!

Here is the finished coat, I will get a picture on the dog tomorrow when I have added Velcro to the inside (I don't have any- which was a surprise to me!)

then I found this lovely blog with lots of printable cards and things, so I printed out some cards...

glued a piece of felt inside

put in a few needles, punched holes on the edge and threaded a ribbon through it ... its a needle book!

Then I printed out these cards from the same blog and clipped some new organza flowers (that I made this week) to the edge, they are going to make such lovely gifts ;)


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